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【FUTURE TERROR 2017-2018 出演者変更のお知らせ】


12月31日にUNIT Daikanyamaで開催の “Future Terror 2017-2018” に出演を予定しておりました、Terrence Dixon(テレンス・ディクソン)は、本人も予期していなかった個人的な出来事により、大変残念ながら来日を断念せざるを得なくなりました。彼の来日を心待ちにされていた方には心よりお詫び申し上げます。本人も来日公演は強く希望しておりますので、2018年に改めて日程を調整したいと思います。

急遽、代わりにRobert Aiki Aubrey Lowe(ロバート・アイキ・オーブリー・ロウ)のA/Vライブでの出演が決定致しました! 同じエレクトロニック・ミュージックでも大きく異なるタイプですが、Future TerrorがTerrenceと同等に自信を持っておすすめする素晴らしいアーティストです。ぜひご期待ください。

前売チケットを購入された方で、この変更により払い戻しを希望される場合は、購入先のResident Advisorまたはclubberiaにて払い戻し方法をご確認ください。

【FUTURE TERROR 2017-2018  Lineup Change Announcement】

Terrence Dixon, who was supposed to headline our event “Future Terror 2017-2018” at UNIT Daikanyama, will not be able to perform due to unforeseen personal issues he encountered after the booking, so we sadly had to cancel his appearance. We apologise to all his fans who were looking forward to seeing his performance. Both Terrence and we will work to reschedule his gig in the new year.

However, we would like to announce that Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe will replace him with his A/V show. He is a very different type of electronic music artist but just as incredible as Terrence, and we are all very excited about having him for this special edition of Future Terror.

In case you have bought presale tickets and wish to refund due to this lineup change, please check back with either Resident Advisor or clubberia where you have bought, and follow their refund procedure.

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe(ロバート・アイキ・オーブリー・ロウ)

Demdike StareのMiles Whittakerが「驚異の魔術師」と呼ぶRobert Aiki Aubrey Loweは、モジュラー・シンセ界ではその卓越した使い手としてよく知られ、尊敬される人物だ。Demdike Stareの運営する〈DDS〉レーベルから発表したEPなどではモジュラー・シンセのパッチを通してどこか辺境の交霊儀式とチャネリングしているかのよ うなアシッド・ミニマルを展開し、その一方でドゥームメタル・バンド、OMのメンバーも務めながら、ソロのLichens名義では自身のヴォーカルやアコースティックギターを用いた繊細なサウンドスケープ作品も多数発表、さらに把握しきれない数のコラボレーション・プロジェクトの相手は、 Yoshimi(Boredoms/ OOIOO)、Tyondai Braxton、Genesis P-Orridge(Throbbing Gristle/ Psychic TV)、Johann Johannssonなどに及ぶ。長年オルタナティブな音楽とアートの辺縁を歩み続けてきた孤高のアーティストが、新年一発目のA/Vライブ・セットで登場する。

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (b. 1975) is an artist and multi instrumentalist that works with voice in the realm of spontaneous music often under the moniker of Lichens. Most recently, creating patch pieces with modular synthesizer and singing to them has been a focus of live performance and recordings.

Quality of sound through the marriage of synthesis coupled with voice has allowed for a heightened physicality in the way of ecstatic music, both in a live setting and recorded. The sensitivity of analogue modular systems echoes the organic nature of vocal expression which in this case is meant to put forth a trancelike state. To usher in Deep Listening through sound and feeling. Losing one’s self in sound while being acutely self aware.

By way of a recent meeting and collaboration with artist Patrick Smith, Robert has begun to utilize projections with live performances. The current video piece is called “Clouds” which is a vector driven animation made by Patrick Smith.

Through collaboration Robert has worked with Ben Russell, Ben Rivers, Rose Lazar, Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Tarek Atoui, Ben Vida, Mark Borthwick, Lucky Dragons, Alan Licht, Michael Zerang, Doug Aitken, Patrick Smith, Monica Baptista, Lee Ranaldo, White/Light, Kevin Martin, Chris Johanson, Tyondai Braxton, David Scott Stone, Genesis P-Orridge and Rose Kallal, as well as many others.